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Ormus and Water

Chapter 3  

How to get Ormus into your life today

Ever since David Hudson made the discovery of Ormus the interest in it has raised higher and higher every year.  Much of the interest comes from the remarkable relationship between Ormus and water. This relationship has intrigued everyone from hardcore scientists, to natural health enthusiast to those inclined towards mystic and spiritual pursuits like alchemy. It's hard to think of another substance or material that has inspired such enthusiasm from such diverse circles.

The enthusiasm is warranted.  With the methods available to separate Ormus and water widely available and books full of evidence of the Ormus materials benefits, how could it not be?

The Ormus materials are also often referred to as "monoatomic" or m-state elements. This is to distinguish them from normal metals and elements. The Ormus materials exist in a state where there atoms are not bonded together. This means they are chemically inert and unresponsive. This difference in state is what is thought to carry such great benefits when the Ormus materials are consumed or used as a fertilizer.

Another unique quality of the monoatomic elements is that when they pair up the atoms spin very quickly causing their weight to reduce by nearly 45%. This has led some researchers to describe them as "tiny bundles of light." This energy is being studied very closely and is thought to rejuvenate life force.

The Ormus material has been quite difficult to study and have remained mysterious because of unique qualities they possess which seem almost designed to help them avoid detection. These include the fact that their molecular and atomic configuration determines their physical qualities.  This is unlike most materials where the protons and electrons determine their physical nature. Ormus materials are also difficult to identify using more common laboratory techniques like spectroscopic analysis because of their lack of valence electrons.

This had led some scientists to suggest the materials don not exist until looking deeper into Ormus and water. Once the clues of the "white gold" were seen many of these skeptics have joined forces with the researchers and explorers so excited by the Ormus potential.
How to get Ormus into your life today
Ormus and Absolute Zero

You, may have heard the words "absolute zero" come up in discussions of the Ormus materials. Absolute zero is the temperature at which atoms stop moving. This is viewed and agreed upon as a state which brings with it a kind of superconductivity. The monoatomic elements and Ormus material suggest there may be a further link between absolute zero and Ormus. The explanation of how this could occur at room temperature in the Ormus materials is that their internal temperatures are in the range of absolute zero while their atmospheric temperature remains "normal".
The Ormus materials have been found to have once exciting and interesting properties after another. This has led mystics to consider its discovery to be a re-discovery of the fabled "Philosopher's Stone." When you become aware of things like this it becomes more and more difficult to disagree with them:

Two of the Ormus elements qualities that have been confirmed are:

Quantum Coherence is a quality where groups of atoms act in unity rather than as individual atoms.

Presence of a powerful anti-magnetic field
This anti-magnetic field can even partially block Earth's magnetic field to a degree and has caused some monoatomic elements to levitate in certain conditions!

This quantum coherence of the monoatomic elements was actually theorized as likely to exist by leading scientists of years past - including hugely respected names like Satyendra Bose and, incredibly, Albert Einstein. The material has often been called the "Bose Einstein" condensate after these two great minds.
How to get Ormus into your life today
 Ormus and Water

We continue to ponder the growing benefits of Ormus, let's look further to the aspect of Ormus and water.

Water and Ormus work together in a kind of natural synergy. Water provides Ormus a place where it can exist without problems unless it is exposed to electromagnetic frequencies or over exposed to sunlight. Ormus is also thought to create structures within water allowing it to protect itself from damaging electromagnetic influence. Many experts on Ormus believe Ormus rich water acts a s a super conductor of both energy and information when drank - this suggests Ormus acts as a "super liquid" when consumed. A great many people who drink small doses of Ormus water rich water for exactly this reason report outstanding results.

These benefits also carry over into any fruit or vegetables grown in Ormus water enriched soil. In this way Ormus and water can be thought of as an "anti-GMO", instead if something artificially created and altering food that harms the people consuming it, Ormus takes the energy of nature and makes food more powerfully healthy and energetically vibrant. This is all confirmed in many studies. Plants and fruit grown with Ormus have demonstrated to be more resistant to disease, attack from insects, and to grow larger more quickly. With the small amount of Ormus and water needed to see these results many environmentalists are looking towards Ormus materials as a possible solution to many agricultural problems.

There are of course a great many methods that can be used to draw the Ormus materials out of sea water or seal salt before recombining them with water. We've gone over these extensively elsewhere, but it's important to note that even after separating Ormus materials from say sea water before being consumed they are generally added to water again. Water is the perfect vehicle to both protect the Ormus and also to carry it into our bodies in a way where we can make best use of it.

In the months and years to come we will learn more and more about Ormus and water, their relationship and how we can best use them to super charge our health, our minds and even our food. We live in an exciting time where science and mysticism seem to be clearly uniting and long held questions are finally being answered. Keep an eye on the news about Ormus. Groundbreaking developments are sure to be right around the corner! 

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