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 How to Store Ormus  


Ormus materials are very delicate and not many people may know how to store ormus in its natural and active state. 

 Even so, it is very possible to store the material in its perfect state so long as the environment is well maintained.  

For one, ormus needs to be kept in a shaded place away from direct sunlight. It should also be kept away from magnetic and electrical fields.  

Another tip on how to store ormus is to keep it in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen away from equipment that can generate electro-magnetic fields.  

Otherwise, the ormus can be wrapped in aluminum foil (at least three layers) and placed in a thick metallic box.  

It is important also to ensure that ormus is kept away from phone base stations or even transmitting cell phones.  

It should be emphasized that the blue bottle is the best answer to any questions on how to store ormus.  

The darker the color, the better. 


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